Running From Injury

RUN: Better, Faster, Longer, Stronger   Do you dream of being that runner where every step of every mile is 100% pain free? No aches, no twinges or niggles, no lingering soreness from yesterday’s session. Well, you are not alone; research shows that as many as 79% of runners get injured at least once during the year. Stop. Think about that number for a moment; nearly 8 out of every 10 runners you see at your next race have been or will be injured sometime that year.   Think of running pains in terms of a spectrum. At one [...]

Physio, Ski-ing and Snowboarding

Ski-ing and Snowboarding Injury Prevention Are you planning or have already booked a trip to the slopes? If so, are you prepared? I am not referring to your purchase of the latest ‘look’ to cruise the slopes in style or sussing out the best Apres ski spots. I am referring to you – your body, is it prepared and ready to take on the physical demands of skiing or snowboarding to return home without a cast or crutches? Alpine skiing and snowboarding are classified as extreme sports due to the involvement of high speeds and an increased propensity for [...]

Back Pain & Physiotherapy

Back Pain: The Chain of Command Your spine is essentially the chain that forms the ‘backbone’ of your entire body. Without it you would be a blob of muscles, organs and soft tissue piled on the floor. Your spine commands respect because it is the pillar that supports your body, allows you to walk, stand and sit, as well as touch and feel; because it forms the canal connecting the nerves from your body and limbs, to your brain. While your heart may be the vital organ that keeps you alive, without your spine you wouldn’t be able to [...]

The Dreaded Hamstring Strain

Are you or have you been ‘HamStrung’? ‘Hamstrung’ - a figurative verbal expression from the noun hamstring (the muscle and tendon on the back of the thigh), originating in the 1500’s where soldiers would slay their enemy across the back of their thighs rendering them disabled, crippled, lame, or useless. If you have ever strained or torn a hamstring muscle (albeit in a less violent manner!), you probably felt the same.   Hamstring strains are the most significant injury in football, rugby, running (more commonly sprinting), and basketball. Apart from being debilitating at the time of injury, hamstring strains [...]

Shoulder Pain – Feeling The Pinch

Feeling The Pinch? The Stubborn Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Do you get a sharp, debilitating pain in your shoulder when you are performing tasks like brushing your hair, putting on certain clothes or showering? During these movements, where you raise your arm out to the side and then upwards over your head, do you alternate between no pain and pain? For example, during the first part of the moment you don’t feel any pain, and then suddenly your shoulder “catches” and there is sharp pain, followed by no pain again as you continue to move your arm upwards. These are [...]

6 Common Mistakes Pain Sufferers Make

Just a quick blog about the mistakes people make time and time again before visiting our clinic for treatment. These mistakes apply to people suffering from all sorts of problems, whether it's back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or knee issues and we see these mistakes being made time after time. Mistake No 1 – Ignoring the pain and hoping it will go away on its own Mistake No 2 – Trusting in painkillers, hoping the issue will resolve Mistake No 3 – Performing the wrong exercises, that can make things worse Mistake No 4 – Rushing back into some activities too [...]