Knee Pain In the Peak District

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I had a phone call recently from one of our regular patients – Linda from Swanwick who wanted some advice about some new knee pain that she was suffering.
She said ….” I went out into the Peak District at the weekend and Dave (her husband) persuaded me to do the Ridge Walk from Hope to MamTor and back. I was OK to start with, but as we descended back into Hope, both knees started to really hurt and a couple of times almost gave way. I thought they would be ok after a sit down at the tea-shop, but when I tried to get out the chair, I could hardly move. Dave almost had to carry me back to the car and by the time we got home, both knees were red and puffy. What do you think, I’ve done?”

If you’re a keen hillwalker you may have also felt this pain aswell. So what’s going on?

Walking is one of the best ways to enjoy life and one of my own favourite ways to keep fit – it’s awesome exercise, allows your mind to unplug, the local scenery is unbeatable and, most of all, it gets you outside into the fresh air.
Whilst nothing beats the views and the sense of achievement when you reach the top of a particularly difficult hill /fell /mountain many walkers may find the downhill stretch to be less than pleasant.
So what’s going on? What makes even the most agile and capable walkers experience knee pain while going […]