How to Know When Your Back Pain Needs Expert Help

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When do I need to see a Physio With My Back Pain?

Its a common question we get asked at the clinic. Usually a patient is having treatment for perhaps a knee or shoulder problem and they mention that their partner / relative / workmate has been having trouble with their back and they wonder whether they should come in to the clinic for our expert help.

It’s usually pretty easy to advise whether it will likely get better on its own with self care, or whether more help will be needed.

If you’re wondering whether yourself or someone you know might need to see us at the clinic, I’ve created a check list below that will give you the answer.


If you answer YES to any of the following questions we recommend you come and see one of our highly experienced physiotherapists for a thorough assessment so that we can advise how we can help you reduce your pain, increase mobility and increase the strength in your back.

  1. I have pain that spreads into my buttocks and/or legs
  2. I get pins and needles, numbness or funny sensations in one or both legs
  3. I have difficulty sitting or standing for long periods due to my back pain
  4. Even simple exercises make my back pain worse
  5. I’ve had back pain for more than two weeks and it’s not getting better
  6. I’ve only had my back pain for a few days but it’s so severe I can’t go to work / drive or struggle to do any of my […]