The Trouble With Laptops

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I’m looking at buying a laptop at the moment for my son, who’s due to start University in the next few weeks. Apart from grumbling about the cost, it’s also reminded me how many people I see at the clinic with neck /shoulder and arm pain that seems linked to increasing laptop use.

Current trends for companies to “hot-desk” their employees workstations combined with “flexible” working from home mean laptops seem to be being used more and more, often without any consideration of the potential health problems that they can cause. There’s no issue with occasional laptop use during the day, the problems seem to arise with prolonged use, day after day over a long period of time. Patients come in c/o neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and pain down their arms and on questioning there is often a connection between their symptoms and increased laptop use.

Laptops are great in some ways, but the unfortunate fact is that they aren’t great ergonomically and are not well suited to prolonged use. Here’s some tips to help you avoid unnecessary pain when using laptops.

Use A Laptop Riser

Whats a laptop riser I hear you ask. Many patients look at me rather bemused when I ask whether they use one, but they are a simple solution to repositioning the laptop screen, so that you’re not forced to look downwards all the time.

There are lots of different versions available at various prices, but all do much the same job, of raising […]