How to Know When Your Back Pain Needs Expert Help

When do I need to see a Physio With My Back Pain? Its a common question we get asked at the clinic. Usually a patient is having treatment for perhaps a knee or shoulder problem and they mention that their partner / relative / workmate has been having trouble with their back and they wonder whether they should come in to the clinic for our expert help. It's usually pretty easy to advise whether it will likely get better on its own with self care, or whether more help will be needed. If you're wondering whether yourself or someone [...]

The Trouble With Laptops

I'm looking at buying a laptop at the moment for my son, who's due to start University in the next few weeks. Apart from grumbling about the cost, it's also reminded me how many people I see at the clinic with neck /shoulder and arm pain that seems linked to increasing laptop use. Current trends for companies to "hot-desk" their employees workstations combined with "flexible" working from home mean laptops seem to be being used more and more, often without any consideration of the potential health problems that they can cause. There's no issue with occasional laptop use during [...]

Headaches and Physiotherapy

Headaches Headaches are a common problem we see at the clinic, which is not surprising when it is estimated that up to 10 million people in the UK have suffered headache symptoms making it one of the most common health complaints seen by doctors. With 10 million cases spread over the UK, you can see that even in the Alfreton area many thousands of people are likely to be suffering from headaches. We’ve managed to help many people, but it’s still a fact that many people are unaware that physiotherapy can often help headaches. A particular type of [...]

Acupuncture – Your Questions Answered

What Is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is traditionally a Chinese Medicine Technique that involves the insertion of fine stainless steel needles into the skin. At our clinic we use a form of acupuncture called Western Acupuncture which uses the same type of needles but treatment is based on a western medical diagnosis. A further variation used in the clinic is called "dry needling" in which the needle is used to stimulate anatomically based targets in the tissues such as muscles, tendons or fascia rather than specific acupuncture points. How Does Acupuncture Work? Several scientific explanations for how acupuncture work exist: Acupuncture [...]

Exercise can be as effective as surgery for rotator cuff problems

Rotator cuff problems are incredibly common and we see and treat many patients on a daily basis at the clinic with a rotator cuff pain problem. Dr Jeremy Lewis has produced the short video below that explains how exercise and physiotherapy can often be as successful as surgery for these types of problem.