Sleep and Back Pain

How many nights have you spent tossing and turning with back pain,trying every position possible to get comfortable and getting up the next morning feeling more exhausted than when you went to bed? Worse still, you spend the next day feeling irritable and weary, only to repeat the cycle all over again the next night? Well, it’s something that one in three of us experience at some point in our life. And as if dealing with back pain during the day isn’t hard enough, this pain often tends to increase in intensity through the night, meaning the resulting lack [...]

Acupuncture – Taster Session Offer

Find Out Whether Acupuncture Could Help You Are you interested in trying acupuncture but not sure what it involves? Want to find out more? Want to sample it before committing to paid sessions. If, so we can offer a limited number of FREE 30 minute Acupuncture Taster sessions where you will: Find Out How Acupuncture Works Find Out Whether It Could Help You Find Out How Many Sessions You Might Need Sample a Brief Session

Sports Injury Clinic Launched

New Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic From September 6th,  we are now able to offer evening appointments at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Initially clinics will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we hope to increase availability once the clinic is up and running. Discounts are available for leisure centre members Free Parking Available ( Ask reception for your free pass) You can book an evening appointment by calling 0800 246 5817 or booking online at

Knee Pain In the Peak District

I had a phone call recently from one of our regular patients - Linda from Swanwick who wanted some advice about some new knee pain that she was suffering. She said ...." I went out into the Peak District at the weekend and Dave (her husband) persuaded me to do the Ridge Walk from Hope to MamTor and back. I was OK to start with, but as we descended back into Hope, both knees started to really hurt and a couple of times almost gave way. I thought they would be ok after a sit down at the tea-shop, [...]

Tennis Injury?

Don’t Let Yourself Be Sidelined by Tennis Injuries With Wimbledon just on the horizon and Andy Murray making his comeback from hip surgery, we’re starting to see local Alfreton tennis players coming into the clinic with injuries that are threatening to ruin their season before it’s even started. As with all sports there is some risk of injury, but the benefits far outweigh the injury risk. Tennis is one of the most popular sports throughout the world, with approximately 75 million participants worldwide. It is a sport that you can play at every age and at every level. Children can [...]

World Cup Fever & Football Injuries

World Cup Fever   Well Harry Kane has just got England off to a great start with that dramatic win over Tunisia and from the die-hard supporters, to devoted players, and little dreamers in the backyard – it’s unlikely that you’ll manage to escape the craze that comes with the World Cup. Even if you’re not normally a football fan, you’ll probably find yourself drawn into watching a few matches as the madness starts to engulf us. Soccer has the power to bring the proverbial pauper and king together. Like the Olympic games, it is a human experience that [...]